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Orton-Gillingham Curriculum Content:

Grades 1-2: multi-sensory lesson with: reading readiness activities, phonemic awareness activities, abc activities, symbol-sound recognition activities, sight words, introduction into syllables, spelling strategies & rules, oral language, basic writing skills, handwriting improvement and improved reading fluency and a 'typical' multi-sensory reading lesson. 

Grades 2-4: reading & decoding skills in a 'typical' multi-sensory WILSON lesson, sight words, comprehension, reading fluency, multi-sensory vocabulary development through morphemes, spelling strategies & rules, phonemic awareness activities, syllable types, handwriting improvement and writing conventions.  

Grades 4-6: higher level of reading & decoding skills in a 'typical' multi-sensory WILSON lesson, comprehension, reading fluency, sight words, multi-sensory vocabulary development through morphemes (Latin & Greek introduction of morphology), spelling strategies & rules, phonemic awareness activities, syllable types, cursive handwriting and writing conventions.

Grades 5-8: Latin and Greek study of morphology and vocabulary through multi-sensory activities, spelling rules & strategies, syllables types, sight words, fluency, reading & decoding skills, study of six types of syllables, fundamental writing conventions, sentence and paragraph improvement, cursive handwriting, survival tips for middle school, as well as, a typical multi-sensory WILSON reading lesson.  

Student Information:        
Grade Entering: ______  Date of Birth:________________        
School DIstrict___________________________________
Dyslexia Information:
Dyslexia Diagnosis?  Yes  /  No       
Is your child enrolled in 504?  Yes  /  No
Enrolled in a dyslexia program at school?  Yes / No   
Which Program?   WILSON, BLS, Other:__________        
  • Wilson Program:  Which Book and Step?__________________________________________
  • Basic Language Skills: Book #  1,  2, or  3 Lesson#__________________________________        
STARR Information:
Did your child pass  STARR?   Yes  /  No            
  • Reading:__________ 
  • Math:_____________ 
  • Writing:____________       

Reading Oral Fluency Rate:______________________
BAS or DRA Reading Scores______________________
Family Information:       
Parent Names:_________________________________     
Home Phone:__________________________________ 
Cell Phone: ____________________________________ 
Email Address:_________________________________       
Home Address:________________________________ 
City:_______________________ Zip:________________      

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